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My Hot Rod Garage Project ~

With all the model cars that I have built over these many decades, I have always wanted to build a garage to display along with my cars. I always put it off because other things came up such as marriage, kids, the Army, jobs, etc. Well, I findly got into the workshop over the past week, November 2008, and got to work on building the garage.

I cut the whole thing out of sheets of 1/8" plywood that is finished on both sides. The measurements are below. This blogs shows the progress of building the garage. It took me one week to build it.

I started by building a plywood shell from 1/8" stock that is finished on both sides

To create the "lap" siding from the 1950s and '60s era, I used the standard Popsickle sticks

After cutting off the rounded ends with the band saw, the Popsickle sticks do a fine job. They are glued on using a 1/16th" overlap

The main exterior paint is Evening Blue

The interior color is Buttercream. The interior took 3 coats to cover properly on the bare wood surface

The exterior blue paint covered nicely in one coat